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Enable VIP Voice

Post by Ao1|WhiteStone on 16th July 2015, 15:47

Simple steps to get the VIP voice in game.

[*]Open your system directory (e.g.: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Sierra\SWAT4\Content\System)

[*]Open Swat4.ini file.

[*]Look for Language= (should be under [Engine.Engine]) and get the value from there (Example: int, eng, cze, ru, svk, pl)

[*]Open SwatGame.VALUE file. Instead of VALUE it should be the value you got from the SWAT4X.ini file in step 3)

[*]Look for: VoiceTypeChoices=

[*]Add to the list: "VIP"


[*]Launch SWAT TSS » Settings » Game Controls » Voice Type » Select "VIP"

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