Applying text formatting to keybinded messages

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Applying text formatting to keybinded messages

Post by Ao1|WhiteStone on 16th July 2015, 15:50

It is possible to bind a key to some user action, like sending a text message to other users.
So actually you don't have to type it, but press a button. I use the F1, F2, F3, etc keybinds.
It is also recommended, because they dont have any input.

1. Go to your system folder (e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content\System)
2. Go search for this file: User.ini.
3. Open the file with Notepad. (Click on 'open with' and choose 'Notepad').
4. Under [Engine.Input] search for this line: F1=CommandOrEquip Row_FunctionKeys 1
5. After the '1' add a vertical line '|' (above Enter) and type first 'Say' or 'TeamSay' and then whatever you want.
For Example:
F1=CommandOrEquip Row_FunctionKeys 1 | Say Alliance of One
F2=CommandOrEquip Row_FunctionKeys 2 | Say [c=ffffff]I am the [c=0000ff]Best!
F3=CommandOrEquip Row_FunctionKeys 3 | TeamSay [c=ff0000]Watch your grenade!!!


As you can see in example of F2 and F3 you can also use colors.
Besides colors you can also use it for a command, like:
F1=CommandOrEquip Row_FunctionKeys 1 | kick cc spec

YOU can also use other keybinds for example when you click on R (Reload):
R=Reload | TeamSay [C=FF0000]Reloading, please cover me!
Now when you press R, a message will go to your teammates and will say the following message:
Reloading, please cover me!

YOU can also make a key-bind message that will be send to admins only.
Semicolon=KICK AC AS [c=FF0000]Watch the newcomer, probably Radar!
So now it sends a message to all Online Admins: Watch the newcomer, probably radar!

Make sure that KICK AC AS is uppercase!

Message formatting:
Say - Send a message to everyone
TeamSay - Send a message to your team
OnRelease - Execute a command once the specified key is released
%command 1% | %command 2% - The symbol | splits commands in case you need to use more than one command at single key.
KICK AC AS - Sends a message to admins only
['B'] - Bolds the text (without the ' ' )
['U'] - Underlines the text (without the ' ' )
[C=######] - Colors the message. Replace ###### with the HTML color value. You can get all color values Here.

NOTE: Make sure it is under [Engine.Input] and NOT under [SwatGui.SwatInputReset].
So it should be the first F1 you see.

You can see here more examples if you want:
- Download

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