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Ao1| Member Rules

Post by Ao1|WhiteStone on 16th July 2015, 16:15

These are the rules for the members of Ao1.

[*]All member must register our forum.

[*]Your higher has ALWAYS right. Don't argue with him/her for any reason.

[*]As a member, ALWAYS wear the clan tag. Ao1|Example. This promotes our clan.
     - If you playing incognito mode using admin rights, identify yourself via
      "Admin  Say" console command or admin panel to other admins or SA.

[*]Rules are for all. Only because you are a member of Ao1 or even admin, you can't
    break the rules. An admin can always take actions if necessary.

[*]If there is a problem, don't disturb the game. Always report to SA's or higher via
    xfire or forum.

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