How to Join ||ESA|| Clan

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How to Join ||ESA|| Clan

Post by Bravo on 20th July 2015, 15:30

The ||ESA|| Clan was founded on a sunday evening of April 9th in 2006.

Where does ||ESA|| stand for?

||ESA|| European Swat Alliance

||ESA|| is a friendly swat 4 VIP-escort clan with mature and skilled players who likes to play swat 4 online in VIP-escort mode .

The intention is that we will have a training or a clanwar on regular base. With the training we practice our tactics for a clanwar with only ||ESA||members. During these trainings or clanwars we will use teamspeak and anti-cheat.

What is required to join ||ESA||?

- 18 years or older (exception is possible).
- Able to write and talk in English!
- Having a steam or Razer comms account.
- Register on the forum.
- Play on ||ESA|| servers as often as you can!

If you don't full fill the above mentioned request you won't be able to join as a trial member.

How to become a trial member of ||ESA||?

1. Register on the ESA forum :

2. Make a post with the following content:

- Swatname
- Name
- Age
- Razer
- Steam(optional)
- Country
- You have been in other Swat 4 clans already?
- Did you play with other Swat4 names before?
- Reason you wanna join ||ESA||

Within 1 or 2 weeks after joining ||ESA|| as trial member we will discuss if you are compatible with the ||ESA|| clan. Please make sure you read all of forum because some relevant information can be found there.

Which rights do you get as a trial Member?

1: Your allowed to add the ||esa|| tag to your name (Be carefull: the letters "esa" must be small NO CAPS!).
2: You can join the trainings.
3: You can join the clanwars.

After 1 or 2 weeks we'll decide if you can stay in ||ESA|| clan.

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Basic points help you while playing in ||ESA|| VIP servers !

Post by Bravo on 20th July 2015, 15:33

What makes a team competitive is organisation, teamplay and some discipline!
You need that when you want wear the ||ESA|| tag.
The following list of basic points about VIP gameplay might help less experienced players and it is expected of anyone
to take these points serious!

  • It's important, that you know spawnpoints and -triggers, so you can report/choose if you change enemy's respawn point. If you dont know spawnpoints/-triggers, ask!
  • When you get killed, report enemy's position and whether he wears gasmask or helmet.
  • Use the cams! Also use death cams when possible, they serve as wallhack!
  • Don't run with nades ready for too long. When you run behind someone, dont try to throw nades around him!
  • Leave some space between you and the one you're following, so the whole team doesn't get hit by a single nade!
  • DON'T ARREST ANYONE BUT VIP! If you think it's fine, you could wait for respawn and then KILL the enemy you just peppered or whatever, but just when you know it's clear and someone reported respawn time.
  • When you have heavy armor, step aside to let faster players pass. After the round starts, its crucial to be fast!
  • Be patient, to avoid running through firelines, blocking nades and doors.
  • As suspect:
    • Report always VIP location when you see him, to avoid stupid vipkills.
    • Report when you hurt the VIP or when you see he is/got hurt.
    • 5 people trying to cuff VIP at the same time is ... not a good idea Wink. ONE suspect arrests, the rest covers. Don't be selfish!
    • Don't let a cuffed VIP block a door. Keep him tazed/peppered so he doesn't move!
    • Don't hurt the VIP's legs on purpose! It might result in a purpose VIP kill and will be punished like one!
    • Don't blindfire/prefire when you don't know where's the VIP at the moment.
    • Don't use C2 Wink

  • As SWAT:
    • When suspects arrested the VIP, don't rush stupidly forward to rescue him. They will camp everywhere, so take your time to take the campers out.
    • Don't use stinger grenades when you know that the VIP is hurt!
    • When the arrested VIP is near, first clear the area around him.
    • ONE SWAT frees VIP, not 5! 5 SWATS with tool in their hands are vulnerable...
    • When a suspect is camping behind the arrested VIP, use nades or single shots (= semi fire)!
    • To free VIP, press [8]!

  • As VIP
    • Stay behind SWAT! Round gets a lot harder when you have hurt legs!
    • Don't waste your ammo and pepper too soon! Don't be a rambo!
    • When you get naded and suspects are near you, crouch and don't move!
    • When you get captured or are in risk of getting captured, block doors! In some maps you also can change respawn locations for your team, so they have better chances to rescue you (best example: Brewer Court House)
    • When you have been arrested, report your location! Report how many suspects are near/around you, whether they wear gasmasks or helmets!
    • When you get freed, stay on the "crouch" button, or you will stand up in the fireline of your teammates!
    • When you're arrested, don't run away (without reporting) from a SWAT who wants to free you. Maybe he won't press [8] Wink


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