Swat 4 & Swat 4 The Stetchkov Syndicate (English Version)

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Swat 4 & Swat 4 The Stetchkov Syndicate (English Version)

Post by Ao1|WhiteStone on 30th September 2015, 09:00

Here is a link to download the games Swat 4 and Swat 4 The Stetchkov Syndicate.
Click on the download button below to download > Skip Ad > Enter the code > Click on Download.


It took me (WhiteStone) less than 1 hour to download it.

Here is how to install it:

Using WinRar
1. Download and Install WinRar (32-bit) - (64-bit)
NB: When you are installing it make sure you press ISO.
2. Open the swat folder.
3. Extract all files to where you want (i prefer Desktop).

4. Open the 1.Swat4.iso file with winrar.
5. DON'T EXTRACT , but doubleclick on the AUTORUN.EXE file.
6. Wait till it opens the installation and install the game.
7. When you finished, do the same with the The Stetchkov Syndicate

Don't know how to install the game? Check the Intructions file or download it here:

Still don't know how to install the game?
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